Winners of Caseus Selection 2015

Concours des fromages du Québec 2015, prix remportés et lauréats

It was tuesday night September, 15 2015 that was held the Caseus' award!

Louis Cyr won in its category: matured in mass without refining openings.

In addition, it won the silver Caseus! This prize is awarded among the winners of each class. The panel shall elect by consensus the three cheeses that stand out for their merit and quality in order to assign Gold, Silver and Bronze Caseus awards.

It is with great pride that the entire Fromagerie Bergeron team has received this reward. Thank you for appreciating, sharing and purchasing our cheeses...

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Bergeron classique

The first of a proud line, always a top choice.

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Bergeron Classique Light

The first to go light, and always a top choice. 56 % lower in fat than our regular cheese.

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